The goal of Oakstone Community School (“OCS”) is to provide education for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities in a smaller instructional environment, with an emphasis on academic, social, and behavioral support.  OCS also endeavors to provide meaningful social interaction between all children by increasing their awareness and tolerance for individual differences, while developing academic competency.  OCS works diligently to support children as they develop social, behavioral, and learning behaviors.

All children should be viewed in terms of their strengths and their capabilities for learning.  Further, these children will not be approached as having a cognitive disorder, but rather a multi-sensory system disorder.  Specifically, interference occurs in the input, processing, and appropriate response to information via the child’s sensory systems.  Therefore, when intervention is applied to deficits in the functions of the sensory systems, learning occurs.

Please Note: In accordance with Sec. 12 of Am. Sub. House Bill 197, which took effect on March 27, 2020, all meetings of the OCS Board will be conducted via teleconference, video conference, or other similar electronic technology while a state of emergency is in place.


The Governor of the State of Ohio declared a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 9, 2020. Links to meetings will be available on the Meetings page of this website.


Please Note: Videos of meetings will NOT be archived. A record of meetings conducted via telecommunications or video conference will be made available via the regular minutes approved at a board meetings.


Current Oakstone Community School Board Members:

  • Jason Warner‎, President
  • Sherry Chapin‎, Vice President, Secretary
  • Jere Corven
  • Thaddeus Boggs ‎
  • Kelli Reavling-Cobb


Oakstone Community School Board Committees

  • Curriculum & Accountability Committee – Jere Corven (Chair) & Kelli Reavling-Cobb, Members
  • Finance Committee – Sherry Chapin & Jason Warner (Chair), Members
  • Law/Legal Committee – Thaddeus Boggs (Chair) & Jason Warner, Members


Oakstone Community School is sponsored by the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO)

Mailing address:

2080 Citygate Drive
Columbus OH 43291